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We define our success solely in terms of measurably increasing marine life, both in diversity and in quantity. Benefiting equally people’s lives and the economy.

Global goal

Start rebuilding all key marine habitats with their important flora and fauna by 2050

This ambitious goal contains a clear message: we need to fundamentally change our behavior towards the ocean. It is based on a recent scientific study (Duarte et al., 2020, Rebuilding marine life. Nature 580: 39–51) that suggests that we can restore most of the key marine components by 2050, and it requires a long-term commitment with highly effective scientific measures. The results of the latter demonstrate viability in the face of marine degradation and increasing population growth.

“If the problem of the ocean was cancer, would we be satisfied if 30% or 50% of it was removed? No! Because we would still have cancer and our life would continue to be at risk. It is precisely the same situation when it comes to our ocean. Losing the functional completeness of our ocean means risking all our lives. Therefore, we can only be satisfied with a fundamental change in which we rebuild all key marine habitats.”

Linda Neugebauer

Founder Ocean us

Goal reach

We think oceanly and act underwaterly

Ocean us operates throughout the ocean and across all marine ecosystems, knowing that it is all interconnected with each other by water currents. Our global reach covers this entire unique water system, which is the foundation of life and the power of all life on this planet to thrive. Because it is, after all, one ocean.

World map floating on water, illustrating global interconnectedness and unity

Goal strategy

Our 3-Unit-Working approach to effectively achieve our mission

At Ocean us we have developed a unique strategy called the “3-Unit Working-Approach.” This distinctive strategic approach ensures that in every project the needs of the ocean is closely linked with those of the economy and the people. For only if we are able to integrate and combine these needs, can this work be sustainable in the long term.

Our strategic working units

For further information on the working units, please click on the following links:

Blue, green, and brown units standing in front of a building by the ocean.

Global Plan

The work of each unit focuses on those areas that are essential for ocean recovery

In the ocean, this means that we need to rebuild and prevent further loss of all the key habitats and species that sustain the functional completeness of the ocean. In the economy it is crucial not only to become ocean friendly, but that investing in thriving marine life becomes economically profitable. In terms of society it is ultimately necessary to develop a new blue culture in which we humans work with all our commitment for the ocean.

What do we need to rebuild per unit:

Icon the key marine

The key marine habitats and their flora and fauna

  • Seagrass
  • Seaweed
  • Coral reefs
  • Oyster reefs
  • Fish stocks
  • Mangroves
  • Salt marshes
  • Megafauna
  • Deep-sea ecosystems
Icon the key relationship

The key economic sectors that have the greatest impact on ocean health

  • Finance & Investment
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Fishery
  • Tourism
  • Cities
  • Shipping & trade
Icon the key elements

The key areas of our human-ocean relationship

  • Replacing the current relationship of exploitation, control and fear with one that truly reconnects global society with the ocean.
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