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Why radical hope focuses on the ocean

Our present future in achieving ocean recovery defines the future present of the human generations to populate this planet after us.

Why is “oceanus omni” the new wisdom

The ocean has been globally forgotten. Why? The Code of Justinian declared in the first millennium that the ocean was ” terra nullius”, the “land of no one”. This tragedy of the commons has led the ocean to its current depleted state. Because we all know that what is not considered to be ours gets the least attention.

Radical hope reverses this problem by transforming the ocean from a “land of no one” into an “ocean of us all”, our so-called “oceanus omni”. Because the ocean is not a land, but an ocean. And as the basis of our life on earth, it is not isolated from us, but connected to us all.

“Perhaps it is not the view into the universe that gives us a better understanding of the world, but the ocean that will even change our view of the universe.”

Chema Herrera

Co-Chair & CMO
Why is the ocean the best ally to fight climate change

The ocean is the largest carbon sink in the world. Seagrass can be thirty-five times more effective in reducing carbon than a tropical rainforest such as the Amazon. Over a whopping third of total carbon emissions comes from the destruction of our natural systems.

Thus, rebuilding life in the global ocean can be considered as one of the most important measures to successfully overcome both crises, that of climate and that of biodiversity.

The Action Call for Radical Hope

Light the fire of radical hope for our ocean, our future.

This is our last chance.
We have no other option.
We have to fight for our survival, all of us together.

We have to fight for the Atlantic Ocean.
We have to fight for the Pacific Ocean.
We have to fight for the Indian Ocean.
We have to fight for the Arctic Ocean.
We have to fight for the Antarctic Ocean and all seas.
Because it is one ocean.

Carry the fire of radical hope to defend our future from the serious consequences of a depleted, empty ocean.

For whom?
For you!
For us!
For generations to come!

Download the poster of radical hope, here


Design by Diego Asencio
Art Director AMPLITUDE&

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