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Ocean conservation is alarmingly underfunded


Ocean conservation represents the least funded area within philanthropy worldwide, and of all the Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 14 – life below water – has received the least support.

How are we supposed to recover our ocean successfully and in time, when the intrinsic value of the ocean is not recognized, its fundamental importance for life on this planet?

Another big problem of ocean recovery to date has been that it is usually thought of in terms of isolated projects and completion dates. This means that once a project – and more specifically, its funding – comes to an end, so does the project in the literal sense of the word. As a result, there is a complete lack of continuity in valuable conservation work. There is also a lack of a synthesis of all the scientific work that has been done so far to get a full picture.

Ocean us works to ensure that the ocean receive the funding it needs

“At Ocean us we want our donors and investors to become the owners of their impact.”

Ocean us success is defined by seeing marine life recover and is highly action and impact driven. Funding is developed, among other ways, by applying the most advanced innovative formulas and technologies. The aim is to facilitate the participation and collaboration of the greatest number of people, companies, and institutions from around the world, allowing them to make a real impact in rebuilding marine life. Ocean us aims to create new sustainable, self-sustaining financing models that generate the amount of funding needed to rebuild the world’s oceans.

If you are actually committed to rebuilding marine life and want to give hope to children and future generations, please click here and find out how you can best support us and become part of our mission.

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