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We actively promote positive images of humanity in a way that encourages our good qualities and actions

At Ocean us we hold a positive view of humanity: we see people in terms of their dignity, the diversity of their capabilities, and their desire to seek meaning and achieve a better world. We are unique and empathic, capable of learning and recreating ourselves. But all of this is based solely on understanding, and never on a sense of guilt.

For Ocean us, trust proves to be the core category for community-oriented actions. The radical hope of Ocean us is directed towards overcoming our deplorable reality and not allowing it to continue. Only through this will, to change what is given, can Ocean us contribute to positive human development.

Ocean us promotes the concept of being conducive to life as it focuses on and furthers the constructive power of people rather than their destructive tendencies.

We humans are a thousand times better in doing good than bad, but we have almost never done it consistently and at scale.

Ocean Us Generation

Our parents used to say, ‘our kids will have it better one day.’ Today as parents we think ‘hopefully our kids won’t have it too bad in the future!’ That doesn’t feel right to us. Therefore, at Ocean us we tirelessly put all our heart into ensuring that the coming generation can continue having a better life.

The current deterioration of our ocean entails considerable negative consequences that affect children and future generations much more than adults living today.

Thus, we empower coming generations by creating the tools they need to lead and carry on with the rebuilding work, so that they will not only continue finding their subsistence intact in the ocean, but also enjoy its enormous richness and beauty.

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