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About the Founder

Lighting the fire for the ocean, people and life are the only purposes worth living for

Linda is an award-winning entrepreneur, economist, author, speaker, and philanthropy expert with over two decades of international experience in the nonprofit sector working for the smallest to the largest organizations around the globe.

From her love for children and the ocean, the fire of radical hope was kindled in her when she faced the dramatic situation in 2019. With all the miserable prospects for the future, she decided to overcome them through her actions. In 2022 she founded Ocean us with an ambitious mission: rebuilding the ocean as a basis for sustaining our sustainable future. For she realized that the degree to which we are able to recover our ocean now will determine the future conditions of our children and all following generations populating this planet.

And when it comes to the survivability of us and our children, Linda does not waste any effort on false modesty. For her, we, the adults of today, are the only ones who have the responsibility but also the ability to work for a “better life” for our children and generations to come with all our being.

“Our present defines the tipping point. Here we take a stand for our sustainable global future. The goal is no longer to bring society to a past burdened with guilt or a severely degraded present that has utopian or dystopian prospects, but to a better and possible world of tomorrow, sustained by radical hope.”

Linda Neugebauer

Founder Ocean us
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